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Other Resources Relevant to Teaching Chemistry

Below are some sources of information relevant to the teaching of Chemistry that the MERLOT Chemistry Editorial Board thought would be of interest. We will be adding more over time. We will also be developing our alliance with The Journal of Chemical Education and will be jointly posting more of their resources in the future.

Our Partner Organization – ACS Journal of Chemical Education

Last year MERLOT and the Journal of Chemical Education signed an agreement and for the past year have been working together to share capabilities and content.

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Chemistry Professional Organizations


Chemistry Repositories on Teaching and Learning Chemistry

  • ACS Division of Chemical Education resources. An extensive list of resources created by the ACS Division of Chemical Education. It includes references to journals, conferences, listservers, teaching resources as well as other academic organizations that interact strongly with Chemistry.

  • The Analytical Science Digital Library. This Library includes material useful in teaching analytical sciences. It has sectoions on pedagogy, class materials, techniques, applications, online articles as well as some virtual laboratories.

  • Umea University Analytical Chemistry List. An interesting resource on Chemistry Teaching. It has extensive lists of curricular material as well as links to suppliers, reference materials, Chemical history sites, and much more.

  • Chem1 list of instructional materialsw and other resources. A very popular site for electronic resources with emphasis on CAI le3ssons, digital texts, and web based tutorials.

  • BioChem Hub-Biology and Chemistry resources. This site bridges both Biology and Chemistry. It is an Online center for courses in both disciplines, providing aids as well as specific course materials.

  • Teaching Chemistry Online - This site lists Chemistry teaching resources, primarily for online teaching. The method of teaching varies due to the level of education one has. Teachers must use different techniques and resources to keep students interested and involved. Updating resources brings fresh ideas to the classroom and strengthens the class's knowledge as a whole.

  • Royal Society of Chemistry Teaching Fellow resources. This site is a main providing for e-learning materials for United Kingdom teachers. It has learning materials of all sorts as well as animations and other learning objects useful in any Chemistry classroom. The site itself is called ChemIT, Enhancing Teaching and Learning of Chemistry through ICT, namely Computer technology.