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Learning Materials

The MERLOT Chemistry collection is composed of many items submitted by authors as well as members. Please consider contributing learning materials you have written or find very useful in your classes. In either case, the author will be notified that his material is being posted. Of course, authors have the right to have items removed if they wish.

Chemistry Learning Materials are classified two ways: by Chemistry subdiscipline and by type of material. We have cataloged the material in this way below so you can get to specific categories by using the links below, saving you from doing the search yourself:

By type:

By subdiscipline:

Learning Materials can be also found in two ways:

  • Browse - pick the category from "Browse Materials"
  • Search - input a specific phrase in the Search box, or even use Advanced Search to find more specific information. Note: Remember searches sort items by reviews and user comments.

You can also search other digital libraries in Europe, Australia, and in the US using the Federated Search capability of MERLOT.

Also check back on this site as additional categories are being developed by the MERLOT Chemistry board.


Review the Peer Review policies of the Chemistry Editorial Board:

The MERLOT peer review process for evaluating learning materials follows from the model of peer review of scholarship as demonstrated in the review processes of many scholarly journals. After extensive discussions by the Chemistry Editorial Board we have arrived at a set of standards.

  • You can also view the listing of Peer Reviewed Chemistry Modules on the MERLOT site using the underline link. It will show you the completed Expert Peer Reviews.